Health Qigong and  Tai Chi: Improve Body Balance, Flexibility, Mental Health and Quality of Life

The Liverpool Qigong/Tai Chi Community

The Liverpool Qigong/Tai Chi Community is a membership-based unincorporated association and aims to promote the health, wellbeing, and social interaction of group members through low-cost Qigong and Tai Chi exercises. 

The community group originated from a 12-week public engagement project, initiated and conducted by qualified Health Qigong and Tai Chi instructor, Dr. Dong Barraclough (University of Liverpool) in 2019. After the research project was completed, the Liverpool Qigong/Tai Chi Community Group was established, so those research participants could continue to practice Qigong/Tai Chi exercises. 

Before the COVID 19 national lockdown in March 2020, Community activity was based locally, with Qigong/Tai Chi exercise sessions being held in community facilities and free weekend outdoors exercises in the local Calderstones Park. Since the COVID19 outbreak in March 2020, Qigong/Tai Chi Community sessions have been held remotely online using the Zoom platform, with very supportive feedback from Community members. Our activities have certainly helped to improve their well-being and quality of life, particularly during periods of isolation.  Surprisingly, new members have joined Nationally, mainly by word-of-mouth, such that over 40% of members are now from outside Liverpool.  Zoom has enabled the Community Group to extend the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi exercises nationwide. 


Membership is open to anyone who supports the aims of the Community Group and the Group’s Equal Opportunities Policy, and provides the following benefits:

  • Free online Zoom group exercises (Every Saturday 9:00-10:30 am).
  • Reduced weekday online Zoom training session fees (i.e. £2 per hour session)
  • Free online Zoom-based communal social activities when arranged.

The annual membership fee is currently set at £30 for 12 months from 1st September to 31st August, those interested can join anytime pro-rata.

If you are interested in joining the Liverpool Qigong/Tai Chi Community Group, use our Contact Form, or email at